Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Bonfire Night

I can't say those words without remembering that nut who was on the X factor or some such programme a few years ago and sung his own song "Bonfire Night". Priceless.
I like a good bonfire, some fireworks (under supervision of course not some underage loons setting them off in their back garden) and a good bit of bonfire toffee but what are our options this year? I have friends going to Leeds Castle and others to Blackheath and think there are local ones in Danson Park and Chislehurst as well. Some of them you have to pay to enter - not sure if this is because they have additional things going on, ie a fair etc. Surely you can just look up in the sky and see the fireworks?
Why is there not one on our great Common? Is it for Health and Safety reasons? Will it encourage the local chav to set things alight?

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Pickwick Papers

This is the most amazing interiors shop and is located in Greenwich. I popped in the other week to look at fabrics and wallpaper and they let me bring home sample books and everything.
They even have a little jar of rock in the shop to munch on.
It is a great selection and all I have to do now is decide and then persuade my husband to do some wallpapering...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Star Quiz

I love the Star quiz, it is bingo quiz which also means that some of it is down to luck and having your numbers called out so the same people dont win everyweek. The place is always packed - most of the participants look like Teachers with the occasional Captains Birds Eye look a like thrown in but this is a proper pub for proper people, not a piece of gastro-ness about it and that adds to it's charm..
It takes place on a Tue night at 9pm and as they say, you've got to be in it to win it!

Thursday, 20 September 2007


Now I know that Greenwich Rugby Club train and play on the common (although last night it looked like they were training in the dark which didnt seem to be a particularly good tactic)...but what other facilities are there around the common?
I understand there is a bowls club and some tennis courts, but I don't know if they are for public use or if you have to pay to play tennis. Also I know the Star Inn has a cricket club but dont know if they play on the common or elsehwere. I am sure I haven't seen any nets/stumps, the closest I have seen are in Bostall Woods.
There is a martial arts place on the common - I think it does Taekwondo and there is a gym on the high street although it has never appealed to me. I use the Arches in Maze Hill when I fancy pootling around in the pool.
Does anyone know of any other sports clubs and/or decent facilities in and around Plumstead

Monday, 17 September 2007

Empty Shops

Why is no-one making use of the empty shops on Plumstead Common Road between The Star and the Post Office? Having read a number of local blogs it would seem that people are more than happy to support local businesses and that there is a healthy interest in more local amenities being opened. The amount I have read about people wanting cafes, bars, greengrocers etc but having to travel to Greenwich or Blackheath for these makes me wonder why no-one has tried to open anything - especially up near the Common.
I work from home occasionaly and we also dog sit so know there are plenty of people that use the Common during the day and also I know Mums who at present take their children to G/B or Eltham where there are cafes for them to meet in, but who would love to use their local Common if there was anywhere to go.
After all we all use the local drycleaners, butchers, garden stores etc. I dont drive to Blackheath because I think the drycleaning will be any better, nor do I think the coffee will be better. It is just there is no alternative and what a shame that is.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Roy's Stores

I like Roys, the people in there are always pleasant and amuse me. The last time I asked for something to get rid of cats for my garden they asked if I would like an air rifle...(cat lovers amongst you they were joking)...but they sell an amazing product called Lion Poo which seems to keep the cats off the flowers and patio out the back.
We also bought our garden shed through them. They came and erected it as well all for the princely sum of £160, which is cheaper than your average B&Q shed and you have to do a bit of self assembly that way...
Now if I could just find someone to come and sort out the rest of the garden I would be a happy lady. I fear it is a job for a garden make over programme but in the meantime I need some fencing and some plants that don't die despite neglect....

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Plumstead Pubs

So far since our arrival in PC we have ventured into 3 of the local boozers. I cant think of a more apt name for the local pubs that boozers because well that's exactly what they are. Old men pubs with proper swirly carpets and until the recent ban with a nice fog of smoke settling across the middle of the room. I had high hopes for The Woodman, it looked like it had been refurbished nicely, had a soft leather sofa and perhaps even looked like it might do Sunday roasts and the papers...(perhaps I was slightly drunk at this point and forgot I was not in Blackheath but in Plumstead)..anyhow it doesnt do food and the local clientele left a lot to be desired.
The Old Mill looks like it needs painting and sprucing up, it always has such a mixed bag of customers, some normal looking types (and yes I am counting people that look like I might be friends with as my understanding of normal)! and some oddities but it had a very friendly barman (landlord)? who I am sure doesnt recognise us at all but always has a cheery hello and goodbye (and this is my closest pub so that's a bonus).
The Star has a fun bingo style quiz on a Tuesday that we are partial to and also shows the rugby and football which is a bonus. It did amuse me the first time I left my husband in here one midweek night to watch the football only to hear that he had been moved to the other side of the pub as ladies darts was on. I also like the fact the old dears behind the bar drink cups of tea..
I havent ventured into The Ship because it is either a)closed for a private party (seemingly every Saturday) or b) has a surly bouncer type outside c) only seems to cater for Asian clientele or d) alternates between this and a chav youth club. Besides what's with the dodgy blue lighting. Anyway it looks like a shithole.
Which brings me on to The Prince Albert. What a fucking dump. It looks like the audience of a Jeremy Kyle show. All tattoos and no teeth and albino pit bull style dogs. I hear they are going to bulldoze it - hopefully with the people inside. If not my concerns is where will these people go to drink.
So my recommendations are either drink in London after work, at home, or venture to Blackheath and Greenwich if you fancy drinking wine (none of the pubs seem to stock more than one type of wine). If you are after a pub and pint and dont fancy dressing up and just want a couple of cheeky beers you cant go wrong in the first 3 pubs.