Thursday, 13 September 2007

Roy's Stores

I like Roys, the people in there are always pleasant and amuse me. The last time I asked for something to get rid of cats for my garden they asked if I would like an air rifle...(cat lovers amongst you they were joking)...but they sell an amazing product called Lion Poo which seems to keep the cats off the flowers and patio out the back.
We also bought our garden shed through them. They came and erected it as well all for the princely sum of £160, which is cheaper than your average B&Q shed and you have to do a bit of self assembly that way...
Now if I could just find someone to come and sort out the rest of the garden I would be a happy lady. I fear it is a job for a garden make over programme but in the meantime I need some fencing and some plants that don't die despite neglect....

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david said...

Hi Plums,

Love your blog...did you ever find a good gardener? I'm desperately needing one!

Keep up the good work.